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Air Compressor Regulator / Water Trap Filter Moisture Gauge

RM 35.00

Compressor regulator to adjustable pressure of the compressor

Discharge water automatically.
Regulator valve adopts balanced inlet structure.
Widely used for pneumatic tool and components.
Help filter liquid and foreign particles from compressed air line.
With the advantages of stable pressure, high precision, and quick reaction.
Filter adopts novel vane design with high division efficiency and differential pressure discharge device.

Color: Black
Material:Metal, Plastic
Operating Fluid:Air
Pressure gauge size:1.6inch x 1inch(DXT)
Joint pipe bore:G1/4inch
Pressure gauge range:0-1MPa,0-10kgf/cm2
Max. pressure:9.9kgf/cm2
Adjustable pressure range:0.5-9.0kgf/cm2
Ensured pressure resistance:1.5MPa
Operating temperature range:5℃~60℃

1.The bowl is made of polycarbonate resin never use organic solvents such as trichloroethylene ,thinner alcohol .etc
2.Use dish washing liquid for cleaning.