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DSPIAE ST-2.0 Blade Nipper Single Edged Ultra Thin (Hobby Cutter)

RM 165.00 RM 210.00

Grade: Premium

Using special steel forging tools, cutting edge after multi-channel high-temperature quenching, cutting edge HRC up to 58 ~ 64. Tweezers grip into the ergonomic design, increase the force surface, improve the handle feel. 
An increase of limit rod and limit adjustment screw, effectively prevent the opening is too large and excessive force on the cutting edge's damage. R & D phase of the product through the 4mm plastic round bar for 50,000 times the shear test to ensure long-lasting edge.

Cutting capacity:
This product is only for plastic model kit, not for hard metal kit.
4mm below the PS, PP, ABS, PE resin model kit for cutting.

Material: special tool steel
Style: Single-edged plugs
Size: Total length of about 120mm
Weight: about 50g ± 2g
Handle; ergonomic matte non-slip handle
Blade hardness: HRC58 ~ 64

Product Description: Single-edged outlet pliers, leather protective cover, limit regulator