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FA050 LX-00 RAY FALX - Frame Arms Kotobukiya

RM 280.00

Manufacturer: Kotobukiya


Producer:Shohei Chiba , Masaru Serizawa

Series: Frame Arms

Release Date:Mid Jan., 2017

LX-00 Reifarukusu> is the FA that has been confirmed in the conclusion of the month the plant capture game.
Said the aircraft was destroyed a large number of the moon side FA, but there is no built record of the Earth, the aircraft, which is manufactured at the plant is believed to have been operating in the Earth side in some circumstances. Equipped with a TC shield oscillator and a powerful Beryl weapon to the whole body, its combat strength is very high.

[Kit commentary]
- [NSG-Z0 / D Magatsuki] [NSG-Z0 / E Durga I] a three-dimensional frame Arms in full the new shape that Mr. designer · ToMo's newly design that worked.
- Expressive shaping the sharp form of aircraft. In addition a large number comes to weapon parts is equipped with a recombinant gimmick as many as nine patterns.
- Volume, making it a series the largest item in the gimmick both.

- Transparent armor and armed systemic (blue part) is expressed in clear parts (image we become metallic paint the image of a clear parts).
- Set up a 3mm diameter joint to the fuselage, for a variety of customization.
- Use the body [frame architect Renewal Ver.]. You can enjoy the dynamic action.
- Rifle type [BS-R04] × 2 as a dedicated armed, [Berirusodo] × 4, [Berirunaifu] × 2, [Berirudaga II] × 4 is included.
- BS-R04, Berirusodo, Berirunaifu is available to the body back. To form a huge wing that further use of the wing parts.
- To finish the full only in the sense of realism assembled by the multi-color kit specifications.
- And exhibition base can be stably display the body, two or included only base that holds a large weapon.
- Hand parts are included with those of private that can firmly hold the weapon.
- Frame is already assembled. PS material made of (head-toe in the frame architect of this product is not included).

[Armed gimmick]
- You can create a bayonet-type weapon in combination with the BS-R04 and Berirunaifu.
- BS-R04 and bayonet-type weapon (Long type) a combination of the Berirusodo can create.
- Berirusodo × 2 and can create a spear-type weapon in combination with the optional parts A.
- Berirunaifu is deformed in the Tonfa type in the variation of grip.
- It can create a defense rotor (shield) a combination of Berirunaifu × 2 and optional parts B.
- Berirudaga II × 3 and can create a shuriken-type weapon in combination with the optional parts C.
- BS-R04 × 2, can create a large launcher in combination with Berirunaifu × 2 and optional parts D.
- BS-R04 × 2, can create a large sword in a combination of wing parts × 2 and optional parts D.
- BS-R04 × 2, Berirusodo × 2, can create a large sword (Long type) a combination of Berirunaifu × 2 and optional parts D.

- Sculptor: Ayumu Ishii, Masaru Endo