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Hi-Resolution Model Gundam Barbatos 1/100

RM 580.00 RM 850.00

Scale: 1/100
Series: Gundam Iron blooded Orphan
Brand: Bandai
Release Date: March 2016

Reproduce the Gundam frame in the finished product frame by taking advantage of multi-material
Internal frame of the complete assembled full moveable. Metal parts adopted can be stable poses to strengthen the joints holding power and both the adopted reality and heavy metal parts to the characteristic sites
Use to frame various parts of the metal parts other than the joints. Dare to produce a sense of weight and texture of the metal unique in exposing the metal, more reality full of Gundam frame.

The thickness of the armor end face armor gap is a precise sense of pursuing three-dimensional sense of attractive mechanical design, internal frame parts exposed from the gap of armor. Also it reproduced moving gimmick such as a cylinder, reproduce the mechanical detail to detail.

Produce a set armor texture in the featured parts visually appealing
Reflect appeared in the play setting interpretation of [nano-laminate armor] to exterior parts. Plating runners also extends to seven, metallic, subjected to various surface processing pearl, etc., precisely reproduces the texture.

Various weapons included
Glide gun, other sword, smack parts included. Expressive poses possible.

Accessories: glide gun, sword, hand parts × 6