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Highend Master Model - RZ-041 Liger Zero SCHNIDER 1/72

RM 278.00

Scale: 1/72
Series: Zoids 
Brand: Kotobukiya
Release Date: Jun 2011

Refurbishment !! Zero Schneider

New modeling parts [Schneider unit] included! Power up Liger Zero! Change the silhouette and performance with exterior replacement exterior installed by Liger Zero [Changing Armor System].
This time detailing UP while respecting original design, Schneider unit made up of brilliant oranges dedicated to fighting and numerous blades.

Different from other parts, [Blade] installed in each part of the fuselage can move according to the setting and can also expand [E shield · generator] in the head.
In addition, the blades beside the aircraft operate in conjunction with the expansion to also boost the booster.

It's possible to reproduce the deathblown technique [Fiber Blade · Storm] and the impressive [Seven Blade Attack] with animation. Please enjoy a powerful silhouette specialized in fighting fighting. This product is a set of [Liger zero (elementary body) and Schneider unit].