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KP315 Evangelion Unit 13 - Kotobukiya

RM 410.00

Scale: 1/400

Series: Evangelion LM-HG

Brand: Kotobukiya

Release Date: Nov 2014

Commercialize Evangelion 13th Unit of [Evangelion] at Kotobukiya-plastic model series!
The plastic model will be the first of three-dimensional. First of [Evangelion first unit] Similarly, by fusing the molding of sophisticated form produce in the hands of precision joint design and prototype teacher by CAD design, finished in a plastic model it should also referred to as the definitive edition.

- In addition, was included with a number of optional parts in order to reproduce the success of in the movie, it was a large volume of goods.

- Movable jaw: By for moving while pulling out the temporomandibular joint, the open state can be reproduced without a replacement.
- Four arms of the state reproduction: By replacing the chest parts, can reproduce the state of the four arms.
- Equipment of [defense unit storage block: shoulder by replacing the, can be equipped with a defense unit storage block.
- Reproduction of the spear of the convergence state: The use of a two-minute spear and the connecting parts of, spear of convergence state (one) can be reproduced.
- Interlocking movable knee joint: thigh front and the kneecap is linked to the movable.
- Of the neck joint interlocking moving: moving in conjunction with the throat when facing up.
- Consolidation of the defense unit pedestal: can be linked using the ribs of the defense unit pedestal.
- Corresponds to the flying base Neo (sold separately): can be connected by replacing the waist behind the parts.

- Fist (left and right), palm (left and right), spear Possession (left and right), grab shape open hand (left and right) is included.
- In addition the rest of the two arms of the wrist, open hand (left and right), spear Possession (left and right), grab shape open hand (left and right) is included.
- It is a scene in the play in a rich hand parts can be reproduced.

- Parts included: spear × 2, defense unit × 4, defense unit strut (length) × 4, defense unit strut (short) × 4, defense unit pedestal × 4, defense unit storage block, chest parts for four arms, spear convergence state for reproduction joint parts

- Some painted place
- Fine color-coded around head reproduced in the already painted.
- Evangelion 13th Unit close to the image in the play only by assembly is reproducible.
※ This product will be in play products.