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NSG-X2 Hresvelgr Ater:Re - Frame Arms Kotobukiya

RM 185.00

Manufacturer: Kotobukiya


Producer:Shohei Chiba , Masaru Serizawa

Series: Frame Arms

Release Date:Mid Jan., 2017

A sharp silhouette and perfect deformation gimmick to the flight form have become popular [NSG-X1 Freszwerck] has redesigned airframe color and armed and re-arrived at Frame Arms!

[Wisk Velk Coloring Contest] Based on the coloring of the best work, the aircraft color is renewed.
A large weapon [Berylus Masher] newly created by Mr. Takeshi Kinoshita, designer of Freszwerk, is included. It has become more impressive finish.

The first water transfer type decal included in the series. You can reproduce the line pattern of the yellow part and the leg part of the chest and arm parts, you can enjoy the finish with realistic feeling without painting.

The deformed gimmick which is the biggest feature, of course, perfect deformation without replacement! In this work, the wing part becomes a new weapon [Beryls Masher], so it forms a new silhouette even in flight form.
For the prime field [Frame Architect TYPE 001] is used, each part can be exchanged with other aircraft being released. [XFA - 01 Wear Wolf Spector] comes with special hand parts introduced from. You can hold large weapons firmly.

[:Change element of RE version]
Use [Frame Architect Renewal Ver.] As the elementary frame. The range of motion, stability has improved from the previous version. The frame has been assembled. Made of PS material.