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NSG-Z0/D Magatsuki:Re - Frame Arms Kotobukiya

RM 185.00

Manufacturer: Kotobukiya


Series: Frame Arms

Release Date:Mid Oct., 2016

NSG-Z0 / D <Magatsuki> is a base defense for the FA to the moon camp has been turned on. D type to deploy a powerful TC shielded by armor placement of defense specialized. Three-dimensional frame Arms Mr. spirited illustrator ToMo has worked on the design with sharp modeling. The item to enjoy the massive silhouette and armor of the recombination was the motif [armor warrior].

- Reproduce the transparent armor of each part in the clear parts. Are mechanical mold sculpture in the parts back, it can produce the mechanical unit that has been cast in a transparent armor] by applying the paint.
- By the connection armor parts by 3mm diameter joint, it can be a variety of attachment in addition to the basic form.
- As a dedicated weapon, a large sword type [deployment], supplied Wakizashi type [Satsuga] is two sets.
- Weapons reproduce the sword state and pay sword state without replacement.
- A total of 6-color multi-color kit specifications, the only realistic finish assemble.
- Hand parts are included with those of private that can securely hold each weapon.

[: RE version of the change element]
- Use the frame as a body [frame architect Renewal Ver.]. Range of motion than the conventional version, stability has improved.
- Frame is already assembled. PS-made material.
※ head, toe to frame architect of this product is not included.