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RX-79BD-2 Blue Destiny Unit 2 "EXAM" HG 1/144

RM 70.00

Scale: 1/144
Series: Gundam UC
Brand: Bandai
Release Date: December 2017

In addition to Gundam type head, newly designed backpack for space, beam · rifle, shield.
The space backpack is set to be mounted in a backpack of the same type as the Blue Destiny No. 1 as it is set. Shoulder armor comes with two types of red and blue. On the red shoulder Nimbus machine, reproduced with selective expression of the federal army `before being robbed` with blue shoulder.

Twin cameras are selectable and can reproduce the normal state and the EXAM system activation state.

Accessories: Shield × 1, Beam · Saber × 2, Beam · Rifle × 1, Backpack for Space × 1, Shoulder Set for Nimbus Machine, 100 mm Machine Gun × 1